PT001 Sofa

High-rise modern buildings are every where, built with metal and concrete. Architects seems like to use steels for the exterior structure to emphasize dots, lines & planes. JMStyle, a furniture company in Hong Kong, realised that we may design something to match the scene. Multi-Triangular shape furniture then comes out to the market.

PT001, name of the chair. PT is the initial of Patrick Tin and 001 means the first chair designed by him. The main structure is made by stainless steel triangular legs and armrests. Simplicity making it cool but look robust. The seating is designed in an ergonomic perspective to provide well support to human body comfortably. The slope of the seating makes it look even more stylish. Leather cushions combined with various density foams and feather to maximize the comfort. The 2 smaller triangles form the front legs and are attached with the 2 bigger triangles which form the rear legs and armrests. The armrests are covered with genuine leather to generate warm feeling to the arms. 1, 2 and 3 seaters are available. PT001 is not only designed for residential, it is also perfect for public spaces. We can apply different materials for compliance with safety standards in the local regulations. Materials and colour can be tailored for use in airports, mtr, shopping malls and etc.