• Powerful all in one mould remover, suitable for use on all types of leather, wood and fabric
  • Eliminates mould, bacteria and associated odour on contact
  • Prevents mould growth from recurring

The Mould Remover removes all odours associated with mould, mildew, foods, liquids & bacteria and as well as eliminating the odour, Mould Remover also eliminates the mould on contact and on any wood, leather or fabric surface, making it an effective solution on for tackling any household mould problem.

Water Protection on Oak

With the protection of Wood Wax & Polish, the drop of liquid beaded up on the surface in the form of globules and does not soak in, whereas without the Wood Wax & Polish applied, the other drop of liquid has soaked in causing a stain.


The colour effects by different Furniture Clinic’s oils and waxes products on Oak and Walnut:

Suitable For

Mould remover kills the bacteria associated with mould on any surface soft or hard, such as Leather, Fabric, Cloth & Wood. By eliminating the bacteria, the Mould Remover not only removes the original growth, but will also stop the mould from recurring.

Leather – Mould Remover is safe to use on all types of leather & suede.

Fabric – Mould Remover is safe to use on all types of fabric & textiles.

Wood – Mould Remover is safe to use on all wooden and other hard surfaces.


Always test on an un-seen area before use. If the surface is thick with mould clean the excess off using a cloth. Spray Mould Remover onto the contaminated area and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the surface with clean water, or if applying to leather, wipe the surface down with a slightly wet cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.

Coverage & Shelf Life

250ml Mould Remover is enough to thoroughly wipe down and remove mould from a full three piece suite.

The product is specially treated to resist bacterial growth and will safely last 3 years if stored in a cool cupboard with the lid fastened.