Samson Wong

Samson Wong, one of the most renowned interior designers in Hong Kong, founder and executive director of SAMSON WONG DESIGN GROUP. He has won the top ten interior designers awards for consecutive years in Hong Kong.

After studying Interior Architecture and Visual Arts at the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney in Australia, Samson developed an international perspective and style of interior design, which he has applied to many of his projects. During these years, Samson created hundreds of projects by giving his unique sense of art full play. He shows extraordinary charisma and leadership, while taking the lead of his professional design team, time and time creating magic in luxury residences, renowned restaurants, hotels, and offices for multinational companies. He has also won numerous designing awards and gained recognition around the world.

For years, Samson has taken diversified styles, creative thinking and core concept as his professional commitments, which has won him appreciative applause and supports from all walks of life. “Architecture is life. It enriches everyone on this planet.” Living by this motto, Samson skillfully applies his expertise and creative thinking to design.

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