Barcelona Chair - The most famous lounge chair in the world

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Barcelona Chair Overview

Barcelona Chair is probably oldest designer chair in the world. It is so well known that you can find it at homes, offices, shopping malls, hotels and etc

Barcelona Chair designed with crossing into the solid stainless steel, very supportive, very beautiful, and long lasting.

Two rectangle leather pad composition sit face (seat) and back of a chair. The chair was all hand polished, beautiful appearance, function is practical. Barcelona chair in the design of sensation, status was similar to now concepts of the product.

Today, the Barcelona chair has developed into a unique style for home decor.

Barcelona Chair is fit for home and office

Lounge Chair Overview

lounge chair to bring you unlimited comfortable, fashionable household life enjoyment.

Concise and lively line fully exert lounge chair human connotation.

Quiet and far, faint contained sweet, warm and love, like a lyric poem enjoys vogue. Leisure, always lets a person with an endless aftertaste...

lounge chair according to use place classification for indoor leisure chair and outdoor (outdoor) lounge chair two kinds.