Mr. Patrick Tin established the furniture brand “JMStyle” in 2009, JMStyle was becoming successful.

During the years of working with Mr. Malcolm Golding, the British design master,
Patrick found his interest and talent in design, in light of the living environment in Hong Kong, they co-designed the MG collection.

Following the formation of JMStyle project team, Patrick custom designed furniture for companies and launch “The Tin’s collection” with CH chair, the connecting heart chair, as the first piece. CH Chair is not an ordinary chair, the idea behind makes the CH Chair special. In a world of transition and rapid changes, we always forget how to treasure the time and moments with the loved ones. By introducing the CH Chair, Patrick introduced the time of love and passion. He sincerely hopes this will be the chair that changes the perspective you see in life and relationships.

田先生於2009年創立家具品牌“ JMStyle”,JMStyle取得了成功。

在與英國設計大師Malcolm Golding先生的合作中,

繼JMStyle項目團隊成立後,Patrick為公司量身定制了家具,並推出了CH椅子(連接心臟的椅子)作為“ The Tin的收藏”。 CH椅子不是普通椅子,其背後的想法使CH椅子特別。 在瞬息萬變的世界中,我們總是忘記如何珍惜與親人在一起的時光。 通過介紹CH主席,Patrick介紹了愛與激情的時代。 他衷心希望他將成為改變您在生活和人際關係中所見視角的主席。