Tailor Made Furniture

JMStyle offers experienced consultants to work with architects, interior designers and individuals. The processes of furniture design, production, quality control, project management, delivery and installation are crucial for those sophisticated projects, e.g. Restaurants, Hotels, Club Houses and Homes.

Interior Design - Why JMStyle?

JMStyle has been serving thousands of clients in both residential and commercial sectors over the past decade. They like our contemporary furniture because of the skillful craftsmanship, high quality material and our determination to delivery superbest services.

We bring interior design, project management and contracting works together, providing one stop solution for your home, office, clubhouse and hotel. Saving your time, money and efforts to achieve your desires.

We work closely with many great interior designers include Mr. Danial Chow, Mr. Kent Wong and Mr. Tim Cheng. Danial and Kent are also our furniture designers. If you like their furniture or design philosophy, we believe you would love to talk to them and get advices.

Our services include:

Interior Design & Space Planning

Renovation Work

System Furniture & Facilities Consultation

Art & Decorative Accessories Setup

Quality & Cost Control

Contracting Firm – Yim Hong Kee Company Limited.

With over 30 years’ experience of renovation work in Hong Kong, Yim Hong Kee always can deliver quality work in time. They have also attained a number of certifications recognized by the international organizations in different professional services. The professionalism has been highly recognized by our clients from various industries include governmental departments, listed property companies, international hotels, chain-store retailers, schools, industrial and commercial organizations of different scales.

We believe our clients will be benefited to their professionalism within the budget.

Furniture & Accessories Rental

Furniture Rental Service

We love to help our clients to meet their needs. We provide furniture rental services to suit your different needs, such as magazine shooting, program shooting, showroom styling and temporary home furnishing solution etc. We offer very attractive rates for the rental of our in-store furniture:

  • 10% of original list price for the first two days and one night
  • 5% of original list price from the third day onwards

Come and pick the best pieces for your project! Call us on +852 2178 0928 or email us at info@jmstyle.com.hk for more detail.

Remarks:1. The rental party is required to arrange their own pick-up and delivery.2. The rental party is required to pay a deposit in cash in advance which is equivalent to the full value of the rental furniture(s).3. The deposit will be refunded upon the return of the furniture(s) with a deduction of the rental fee.4. In case of damages, compensation up to the full value of the original listed price will be required.

Commission Painting

We work with clients to bring an idea to reality for their desired paintings. Take a look to our artworks and job references to see which style you like and discuss with us. Book our creative director and share your thoughts at +852 2178 0928.

Mural Painting

Mural painting is referring to drawing on the surface of a wall or ceiling. If you need professional 2-D or 3-D paintings, book our creative director and share your thoughts at +852 2178 0928.

Leather Care & Repair

We care about the sustainability of our world and we hope our furniture can be lasted longer. Since 2014, we have developed our team to care and repair any leather products. If you have any problems on your leather products, for examples, cat scratches, scuffs, cuts, burns, tears, holes, please feel free to contact our consultants at +852 2178 0928. We are delighted to provide professional advice and services.

All materials are imported from England. Please visit www.furnitureclinic.com.hk for further information.

Leather Deep Clean

Leather Repair