Terence Wong

Award-winning firm Pi Concept has garnered acclaim for their creative and comprehensive interior design and engineering services across luxury homes in Hong Kong, as well as medium to small residential, commercial and commercial projects.

Pi Concept’s professional team strives to understand the needs of every customer down to the finest detail. From design, material selection to quotation and construction supervision, every stage from start to completion is led and followed up by the team. A customer-oriented design approach also allows for dynamic needs to be catered to; customers themselves can participate in the design process to achieve the most personalised and highest quality design and engineering solutions.

The core of Pi Concept’s philosophy is to offer the most appropriate and tailor-fitted services to customers. Our team is committed to our belief that there should be no hidden charges and projects should be completed within the intended time frame. As such, our dedication to providing superior service at the most affordable price has set a strong foundation of trust from our clients over the years.

The firm has been received numerous accolades in the last few years, including the Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong, Asia Business Achiever Awards, MH Prominent Interior Designer Awards, Corphub Most Outstanding Enterprise Award and Top 10 Chinese Interior Designers Newcomers, among many others, The firm became also became a member of the prestigious HKIDA and HKPIDA 2 Interior Designers Association in 2019.

Terence's works: