JMStyle have created many remarkable beautiful furniture pieces with different interesting stories behind. The working pieces we produced are unique and extraordinary, the story and experience with designer and project team were fascinating and treasurable.

Bug Chair

The idea of this bug chair came from Patrick Tin and it was designed by Malcolm Golding. One day, when Patrick was having some causal chats with Malcolm at Malcolm’s home, he suddenly focused on one of Malcolm’s painting work “The Bug” and inspired him to transform the bug into a real piece of furniture. Malcolm replied “Why not?”. Then they made this Bug to real.

Ch Chair

CH Chair designed by Patrick Tin. CH is abbreviated for "Connecting Hearts", designed to connect a person to a couple; to a small family; to a group of gathering friends. Ancient Chinese Tai Chi philosophy emphasises on "Orbicular sky and Rectangular Earth", symbolising the coexistence of two sexes, regardless of the height of the sky and the depth of the ground, everyone is connected. Simplicity mainly wood with high-end stainless steel element to be stylish, trying to balance the chair as little wood and metal as possible for a slim looking chair. Walnut wood has been selected in this project, however oak wood can also be used to match with the interior.

Macaron Chair

Donald Ho is studying product design in THEi – Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, he designed Macaron chair in the module of the furniture design and won the chance to make it real for the new campus of ICI- International Culinary Institute in Hong Kong in 2018. The design particularly matches the theme of the campus and being the signature chair of ICI.

PAKT Collection

PAKT stands for Patrick, Alex, Kent and Tris. The designers behind this collection of seats and tables which debuted in this DesignInspire Exhibition during BODW 2017. This is a collaboration between design industry and educator in Hong Kong, showcasing joint effort of two academics and two design experts in the field for real output. PAKT features a contemporary set of elegant coffee table made of metal stands with Corian tops.  The finite finishes on the metallic legs reflect slenderness which complement with the multiple table tops which can serve as an accent piece in any interior setting such as hotel, lobby, residence and office. Adding to the dynamic of the table, two accompanying arm chairs showcase comfort and grandeur.  The seating arrangement is flexible to accommodate both one or two persons, making a conversation piece in the center of the space. This collaboration exemplifies inspirational design thinking by engaging designers from both industry and academia.